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Live video streaming services of the highest quality in Brussels and the Benelux States.



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1. We gather information

We gather information about your event: speakers, biographies, presentations and additional documents. We put all this on your dedicated streaming page, usually weeks before the event.

2. We do a test streaming

We do a test streaming one day before your event, to make sure everything is setup properly. We only require a table for our equipment and wired internet connection for our computers.

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3. We arrive on spot

We arrive on spot on the day of the event at least 2 hours in advance. We always double check if everything’s set-up perfectly and usually do an additional test-stream.

4. The video stream goes live

The video stream goes live as soon as your event starts. Our remote support team monitors if everything works properly and your viewers get perfect video quality.

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5. We upload the video

We upload the video on-demand to your streaming page as soon as your event is concluded. We also send you a download link of the video in a maximum of 24 hours after the event.

6. We store your event

We store your event for 3-months on-demand, so it is available for everyone who missed the live broadcast.

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Connect with your audience

We help you connect and interact with remote attendees of your event. Viewers can watch the stream on any device, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Boost The Viewing Experience

Use the live program, add speaker biographies, share your presentations and other documents to control how viewers experience your content.

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Produce Great Events With Our Value-Added Services

Our dedicated event managers and video producers guarantee the successful online presence of your event.


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